Quirky Books: Crystals for Beginners by Corrine Kenner

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crystals for Beginners by Corrine Kenner

This novel contains an enormous amount of information related to crystals. The first few chapters cover scientific and philosophical particulars about crystals in order to establish a sense of the way crystals work. The main point of the book it to help people who are collecting and working with crystals for metaphysical reasons.

Originally cataloged with the Library of Congress in 1964, the first edition was not released until 2006. It took fifty years before it was released to the public. The author, Corrine Kenner, has a Bachelor Degree of Philosophy and specializes in finding scientific explanations for why metaphysics work.

The first few chapters read as a textbook. She makes several observations comparing crystals through science, quantum physics, philosophy and history. However, the intent of appearing as an authority on metaphysics is undone when speaking about chakras. Green is not associated to money and Violet is not associate to royalty. Inaccurate references to a person's field of study makes it easy to dismiss the entire the book, especially unfamiliar topics.

The philosophy and concepts hold interest. Books I have read about crystals only list 7 to 10 crystal types. She has almost twenty. There is also information for cleaning stones and mediations. Offering healing recommendations they are tame and look fun to try out, yet the information is second hand and potentially dangerous.

Contrary to the title "Crystals for Beginners" this is a fairly in-depth study. The parallels made between Jung and Freud's ideas on psychology and dreams are intriguing. It reminds me of philosophies I believe in. Her work may influence many people today.

Other additions make the book more valuable, such as: an alphabetic list of crystals, glossary, appendix and bibliography. A Few figures and illustrations enhance and clarify the knowledge. While it is written like a textbook; it is not boring. If you are interested in collecting crystals, this is a book you need. It will expand your knowledge about crystals, gems and stones. If you are sincerely looking for a book to achieve a higher plain of spiritual bliss this book has misinformation. I would recommend it to a veteran of metaphysics, but not a beginner. Veteran will know the source of misinformation when beginners speak with them.