Quirky Books: Description


Reading is not only a way to imagine far off places, it is also a way to gain insight and improve knowledge related to various subjects. I enjoy both nonfiction and fiction. Nonfiction, related to interest and curiosity, offers knowledge and wisdom. Fiction is philosophical in nature. While it describes images of people and places, it relays various opinions and fanciful interpretations of life.

When reading nonfiction, my major interests are in business and writing. However, there are so many other intriguing topics. It is always interesting learning about metaphysics, religions, crystals, herbs or whatever topic peaks my curiosity at the time.

Often after watching the news, chatting on the Internet, or talking to someone it is nice reading a book related to the conversation. It helps me understand what they are saying or where they are coming from. When I was growing up, I knew several people who were Buddhists and they do not know each other. Frequently using similar phrases, it seemed as though someone was talking everyone. The gossip problem must have been huge. After reading books about Buddhist Meditations, I began to recognize several phrases. It was nice to have the phrases clarified and relate to them more.

Fiction is an abstract form of thought. Sometimes it points out details I otherwise ignore, or creates interest in subjects. Several fictional stories take place in weird, historical, or foreign places. Being able to envision the story helps place information into context.

Growing up, I never enjoyed history. Even today I reorganize everything into abstract thoughts, instead of, names and dates. Books written around the turn of the century, or related to historical events helps make the dry information come to life and meaning, such as, "the Glass Menagerie." The play adds a personal feel with relatable aspects to people emerging from the Great Depression. Learning about World War II and Pearl Harbor almost seems interesting.

It amazes me when people living centuries ago had risen above everyone and now their writing is being read by today's society. There were many writers back then, yet some manage to bridge the generations. It is as interesting to the reader today as it was several decades ago.

Nonfiction is a personal reflection of the writer. The ways the author resolves problems in the parabolic conclusion, can also reveal different approached to living life. Thoughts related to life, love and perspective are prominent in fictional stories. Insight based off of personal experience is appealing. All forms of books are great. I prefer quirky books. Some believe quirky implies "eccentricity." According to the 1970 "Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language: Second College Edition" it means "a flourish in writing."