Quirky Books: Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner

Friday, January 29, 2010

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner

James Finn Garner is a University of Michigan Graduate and with a variety of experience in humanities related industries. Often the challenge is to decipher the sentiment behind parables and evaluate culturally accepted roles by studying folk tales. In "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories," the author, James Finn Garner has a snarky tone to present modern sentiment and roles with classic characters from the most famous children stories in United States Culture.

Exploiting political correct values undermines one of its main points "empowerment" is funny; however, upon reflection a person has to be politically correct to read these stories to their children. The book is humorous and also places readers in the situation of evaluating the values of modern culture.

Garner applies appropriate terms, such as: little people, economically disadvantaged and logically under enhanced. Parables are unseemly. The princess in "the Frog Prince" fulfills her obligation to society by killing a real-estate developer. The town in Pied Piper wants to rid themselves of their poor in order to make a facility to help foreign children.

Anyone referred to as beautiful in the original story is considered a victim of male dominated society. Current standards for modern writers are implemented frequently. Writers are encouraged to associate non-stereotypical traits for a given appearance. Goldie Locks is a rouge, feminist biologist attempting to reclaim her reputation by studying the three bears.

An interesting point on the book relates to the writer. Garner clearly states he is, "the descendant of Dead White European Males" and many of the masculine characters die. In "the Goats Gruff" goats and trolls commence arguing over who should be deserves punishment for selfish misgivings. This could explain a desire to acknowledge how much all men should be punished with consequent deaths.

Initially insulted, it produces valid points. Since the author states people can send letters if seeing anything, "insensitive;" all the people in the cover art are white. All other ethnicities are represented as animals.

Though briefly covering some of the main points of the book, there are still several stories with unique twists and turns understood by reading the whole book. A wide variety of readers may benefit from reading "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories." People living in the United States will find it humorous, offensive and thought provoking. Foreigners may find it interesting; however, the intent is humorous; therefore, it does not clarify United States' Culture or average citizen's life. Though it mentions some culturally accepted practices.