Quirky Books: Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Oedipus Rex is an Ancient Greek Tragedy with a plot twist competing with modern writers. I will not give away the ending, yet it is as interesting as dysfunctional. This version is unabridged with a brief note from Dover Thrift Editions editor Stanley Appelbaum. It is refreshing to read an ancient play without endnotes from the translator, who is actually Sir George Young.

Young's translation preserves the poetic intentions of Sophocles. He also translated several plays in, "the Dramas of Sophocles Rendered in English Verse Dramatic and Lyric by Sir George Young."

Why is this play so fascinating? If you ever thought your family impeded on your life or felt as though the fates had cursed you this is an uplifting tale. Written as a murder mystery, Oedipus must find the murderer of former King Laius in order to free the city from a daunting curse.

Attempting to keep the ending untainted, the Oedipus Complex is described as a son's desire to appease their Mother and replace their Father within the immediate family. Having read this play and read a book written by Freud the Oedipus Complex is actually associated to Self Fulfilling Prophecy. Perhaps after years of reading books about Freud's work, instead of, his original writing the world of psychology is forever tainted.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy is the direct or indirect manifestation of truths based on prediction. An example is a child performing for a home movie. The parent predicts the child will be a famous actor regardless of other attributes. Even if the child exhibits stage fright the parent is propelled to make the child famous or homeless in pursuit of fame, because they dismissed the child's existing characteristics.

Either way this is the second time reading the tale and it is enthralling. I may start reading the play aloud to practice acting. Sophocles' work in itself is wonderful. Additional insight and subsequent understanding of how delusional psychologists have become makes it fun with a tingly sensation.

This book is great for anyone wanting to undermine authority in the most embarrassing way. This list includes: subcultures, sociologists, psychologists and anyone from a dysfunctional home.

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