Quirky Books: Selected Poems 1934-1952 by Dylan Thomas

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Selected Poems 1934-1952 by Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas is a famous poet who touched people's hearts and minds with carefully worded poems regarding death and religion. His most famous poem is "Do not go gentle into that good night." His father taught English Literature at a local school and his mother was a seamstress. Though a higher elevation of English was ever present in the household, Thomas never pursued a degree. Instead, he became involved with theatre and wrote poetry at a young age.

Born in 1914, in Whales, he began writing short stories and poems at home before moving to London in 1934. At 20 years old, he established a reputation as being gifted with words which led to his film career for the Ministry of Information. After a few years, people noticed he was also a gifted orator. Eventually, he was sent to the United States to entertain audiences and appears on several television shows.

Often discontent and pushing controversial boundaries, people still analyze the colorful language in his poems. This book "Selected Poems 1934-1952," published by New Directions, is one of the most complete collections of Thomas's poetry. With over 20 published books of poetry and prose. It would be difficult to find every Dylan Thomas book in excellent condition. Only a handful of original books are reprinted for new editions. Restricted to poetry the various plays, films and discographies are found in archives or revised compellations.

The edgy discourse is not for everyone, "The patchwork halves were cloven as they scudded the wild pigs' wood, and slime upon the trees." This is a line from "My World is a Pyramid." The imagery is intense and fills the mind with horrific imagery, yet poets wanting stretch the confines of contemporary rhyme, imagery and prose will be enthused. It is also worthwhile for those entertained by darker depth of life.

Poetry Breakdown
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas
This Bread I Break by Dylan Thomas