Quirky Books: Think like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Think like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

The book has an excellent title. Subtly, without depreciating the content, readers are learning about a billionaire. Tone and thought express a great deal of Trump's personality. Divided into two sections the first section is abstract and comprehensive business knowledge. The second section expands concepts with a journal based on scheduled appointments.

Written in a nonfiction format each chapter has subtitles. Sections briefly introduce a business concept; so it is similar a Bachelor of Business in a relatively small novel of approximately 250 pages. Occasionally, Trump appends conservative concepts with personal insight. As a forceful writer rhetoric is utilized frequently. This often appears complacent.

The first part of the book is for aspiring real-estate agents, applicants for "the Apprentice," or someone interviewing for a job for Donald Trump. He is a billionaire, not the only billionaire in the world. I wonder what Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Tommy Hilfiger think about several broad statements. The second part contains carefully placed statements to balance concepts.

There are debatable and nonnegotiable rules. Rules of Thumb: "cozy" means a property is small. Style and professional dress code is simplified. The statement about tennis shoes is incorrect in other industries. As someone with experience film, soft sole shoes are required. A person looks experienced when wearing soft sole shoes, including tennis shoes, to auditions. Acknowledging other people is always important even if a "narcissist," as Trump claims he is, regardless of whether it is a professional or casual event.

The journal punctuates, "Never be Rude." Most of the time he isn't thinking about what shoes or clothes someone is wearing. Trump is going about business and working on projects. He has diversity in friendships and contacts. A change in tone assists in recognizing these rules are flexible. The overall rule might be to remain open-minded and avoid assumptions. One story involves experiencing discomfort at a press conference. Everyone looks attractive in their suits and ties, yet their main function is to get the best story even if it makes him look awful.

This book is motivational and inspiring. Anyone in real-estate should read it. He is dictating real-estate perceptions. Removing the word "cozy" from ads might be productive. People interested in the lives of the wealthy, business students and sociologists will gain perspective about the lesser known culture of business professionals, compared to the glamorized lives of stars. Many insights are a reflection of this lifestyle. Learning about cultures is savvy.

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