Quirky Books: Tim Burton's the Nightmare before Christmas by Disney

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tim Burton's the Nightmare before Christmas by Disney

Correct, Disney is writing books. Based on a Magna graphic novel written by Jun Asuga and Kosansha, Tim Burton is the big name associated with the Disney creation "Nightmare before Christmas." Disney staff illustrated this graphic novel which reads right to left similar to the originally Japanese creation.

It is wonderful they attempt to preserve the original creation and give credit to the originators; therefore, focusing on the collectable graphic novel, movie and video game. The message is timeless. It is also a two-for-one special applying to both Halloween and Christmas.

Essentially, all the innuendo and euphemisms are removed to make a perfectly acceptable children's book. With several underlying parables, all with virtuous interpretation, the main parable is accepting and understanding another person's perspective. The paradox of Halloween and Christmas is only a method of relaying the message.

Every child in several nations relates to Halloween and Christmas as joyous holidays. Each holiday is fun in unique ways. When the people of Halloween Town discuss an enjoyable gift, it seems as though they have it wrong, yet they simply have another way to enjoy the holidays.

Most people think of Christmas as the "Happy Holiday;" therefore, Halloween is the primary focus making Jack the protagonists. This makes monsters the relatable characters, so the reader sees the depth of emotions associated through the characters. The greater meaning is accepting others for who they are and Jack learns this by the end of the book.

Adults should read the book, even if it isn't entertaining. It is easily read in one sitting. I enjoy the mathematical appearance of the illustrations. Children should read it. Having an understanding of perspective is a valuable lesson, so they prepare for similar issues. Understanding and empathy never goes out of style. Being able to let others go about living life how they want (as long as it doesn't affect themselves) is also an appropriate message for many people.