Quirky Books: Non-Canonical Writings by Craig A. Evans

Friday, May 20, 2011

Non-Canonical Writings by Craig A. Evans

Primarily a catalog of biblical information, short descriptions allow a person to read about books before investing. Evans' goal is to provide information in relation to proving and depicting Christ's presence on Earth through various writing absent in standard bibles.

An appendix provides correlations between the Old and New Testament. This is important information for those wanting to expand knowledge of biblical teachings. Another aspect relates to writings from previous rabbis considered a potential Messiah.

Well thought out, not every non-canonical book listed has a summary. Usually a paragraph or short summation is provided for an abundant topic. As a reference guide, it is roughly two-hundred pages in length. This is convenient for researchers and people wanting to expand religious knowledge.

The cover of has a photograph of a Gnostic Artifact; however, it only addresses Gnostic Writing in a short chapter of seven pages. Perhaps the image assists in defines how the book acknowledges lesser known facets of religion. Broader content applies to primarily Judaic Resources, such as: Apocrypha, Psuedepigrapha, Targum and Rabbinic Literature.

Sources are well documented. The footnotes provide additional reading that focuses on specific topics. This is useful in gaining a better understanding of historical data and translations. Authors generally read to write about ideas that appeal to them most while expanding focal points with personal and philosophical insight.

Orientated towards theologians writing is dry and annotated. Interest is developed through specific knowledge of the subject. This is applied to several religions: Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Taoist. I found a passage citing the people who probably wrote "the Dead Sea Scrolls" often spoke of "the Way." This furthers the concept of a Taoists influence in Christianity. Scientific in nature, it is more of an introduction to reading beyond the Bible.

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