Quirky Books: Robert's Rules by Doris Zimmerman

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Robert's Rules by Doris Zimmerman

General Henry Robert originally wrote "Robert's Rules of Order" in 1876. It is a simplified guide to parliamentary procedure. These rules are a current reference for hosting meetings and ideas for ensuring everyone's is able to voice opinions about civic obligation.

Doris Zimmerman's version of this book, "Robert's Rules in Plain English," is worthwhile reading. She uses an example through a community meeting deciding to building a park on existing land to explain how to implement a meeting in real life.

Though a functional business meeting is less formal, it develops a sense of order. It allows people to reach agreements about financial obligations and decisions that affect a larger group.

The additional wordiness is convenient. Already familiar with Robert's Rules, the rules are easier to remember. There are also several helpful diagrams.

Everyone is familiar with parliamentary procedure. It relates to when a meeting convenes. The Chairman announces the agenda and the Officers announces present funds and minutes of the last meeting. Members are given time to debate an issue. Everyone votes by standing or raising their hand.

The best part of the book is the last section. It describes the use of parliamentary procedure on the internet. This description is closer to a casual business meetings and condo committee meeting to discuss maintenance and landscaping fees.

Everyone should read this book. It is fun for Children to practice in mock meetings. It is important for Adults to think about having a method for addressing issues in a large meeting or even when making plans in a group. Anyone with interests in politics should read this book. There are several meetings held at county buildings every year. A formal method of expressing thoughts makes it is easier for everyone feel comfortable with changes affecting life.

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