Quirky Books: Food Hates You, Too by Robert Weinstock

Monday, September 2, 2013

Food Hates You, Too by Robert Weinstock

With less than thirty pages, "Food Hates You, Too" has a humorous twist on food. There is a great range of emotions with only nineteen poems. It is found in the literature section. It should be in the children book section.

Robert Weinstock writes and illustrates books. This book was released in 2006. He won a Sendak Award in 2010. I enjoy his artwork. It appears to be a mixture of paint and pastels. It is difficult to find biographical information. He sells many books and won the Amazon Best Book of the Month Award with "I'm Not" in 2010.

Weinstock has a playful sense of humor. Most of it is rhyming. There is repetition in some poems to emphasize an emotion. Some poems have an unsettling twist or rely on feeling nauseous. However, there are several poems that are fun and celebrate food.

Though conveying several thoughts about food, it is relatively tame. Language is clear. It tells a quick story. The format and text is reminiscent of a children book.

Reading several poetry books in the literature department, I feel several Writer's would be better marketing to the correct audience. Literature has a poetry section. It is compilations of Famous Poet's written by people who want to preserve their work. Another type of book contains ethos, information or philosophy a Child is unable to understand. If they understood; they would get in trouble.

It occasionally has a poem that is gruesome. One poem, "Mom," is about a praying mantis. It alludes to how females eat the male during reproduction. You could watch that on a nature show for children.

I recommend to several of the Authors, who place their books in literature, to advertise these books correctly as children books. This is for Weinstock, Rex and My First Reader Books. The audience is children. Parents, Teens and Adults might enjoy reading the book. It is a book for children.

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