Quirky Books: 2 Minutes and Under by Glenn Alterman

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Minutes and Under by Glenn Alterman

All of the monologues are written by Glenn Alterman. Surprisingly, even though it was released in 1993, the monologues in this book are still used in today's market. I went in to an audition and they actually handed me "Gwen." It is a dramatic monologue where the wife tells off her alcoholic husband.

The full book title is "2 Minutes and Under: Character Monologues for Actors." It includes 70 monologues: 35 for men and 35 for women. Having a variety of dramatic and comedic monologues for people of all ages, it also includes "serio-comic" monologues. The description doesn't make sense to me. After reading a serio-comic monologue, I have decided that means, "off-beat comedy."

The grammar is lacking, but the monologues have intensity. A person could argue people do not speak like textbooks. A serio-comic monologue "Stanley" reads, "A beautiful saint in a long gold gown. And she'd be slowly floating way up to heaven to be with all the angels."

Wow, that was funny (sarcasm). It is supposed to be a man's monologue, but I think anyone could use it. In addition, it is older and probably not as frequently used in auditions; it makes an appearance of being well-read or extremely serious about acting. This can be an advantage since most people want the newest, best monologues everyone goes out and buys.

This is a useful book if you are an actor. However, the fifteen year difference is a long time. Get if you want. It provides unique monologues by today's standards, and has a wide variety of monologues. The writing is great and should provoke emotion.

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