Quirky Books: Chi Fitness by Sue Benton and Drew Denbaum

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chi Fitness by Sue Benton and Drew Denbaum

An excellent chakras training and exercises are combined with an additional aspect of self-help. Beginning with instructions for finding and focusing chi it is written by both a man and a woman to offer balance when probing areas of chakras. One method relieves stress and fear by tuning into chakras.

One exercise, I thought was interesting, is to pay attention when something sets off a negative feeling, while stimulating chakras. Analyze the sound, feeling or vision to learn from it and cope with the memory. When identifying the source of the anguish, it is no longer a burden to the psyche. In a sense, it implies the nervous system may also save memories.

Besides advice on how to utilize chakras appropriately, it offers ways of working out while stimulating the chakra. This is an excellent idea. While meditation accesses chakras the additional element of exercise helps keep the body in shape. Exercise also assists in focusing the mind.

Exercises are relatively easy. Presented in basic, moderate and expert movements some stretches may present a problem. Trying out a couple, sensing the chakra is almost immediate. It also recommends identifying chakras as weak or strong to identify additional problems in an area.

Insinuating all problems within chakras are emotional, they ignore physical ailments. Emotional stress can change physiology. Perhaps the weakened chakra is because of an overstressed organ. Consider seeing a doctor if sensing a chakra is weak.

Another point is, while it is an excellent reference guide, the ending is off putting. Part III is entitled "Conclusions." While conclude each section of the book to create a new meditation for each chakra it could be listed in an appendix formation that is easier to understand. When I see the word "conclusion," it should be no more than ten pages.

Reading the book once gives an idea of where to find information. Then it is easy to go back to reference a technique or expand on what was initially important to the reader. The exercises for enhancing individual chakras are illustrated to assist in explaining the form. This is a book people should own. I would recommend "Chi Fitness" to anyone. It is insightful without being invasive. A person can gain knowledge without it feeling manipulated, because is only explains a technique.

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