Quirky Books: My Dear Sisters by Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Dear Sisters by Gordon B. Hinckley

I don't like the book. It is overly sentimental and sexist. As another sappy women are pretty book patronizing women. Yet, it is nice knowing women can get an education. This enables them to teach their sons real facts, instead of, being silly. According to Hinckley the reason women exist is to raise kids and keep their men happy.

"Inspiration for women" should not come from an eighty year old man who was President of the Mormon Church. He passed away, yet his legacy is still helping people with relationships where this book is passable. "Hey, guys let your girls go to school. There is a good reason for it." "Mothers make mistakes while raising children. It is a big job, so lay off." I am paraphrasing.

You know what was the mistake? He is a jerk. Mother's are parents for a reason. God makes parents for children to learn from, and the message is always great. God made it, so both parents are the best at teaching their children, even if there is a disagreement about tactics.

The illustrations are fairly good and portray women with a sense of innocence. This probably makes some women feel alright about themselves. In fact, the first page states women have a place in the church and it is important. We can bake cookies and organize relief society. That sounds totally fulfilling.

I don't know why I read the book. I even knew it was a bad idea. Someone told me I should read it. It's like eating something that tastes awful and offering it to your friends. Readers benefiting from the book, include: Mormons, children book authors and men confused about women going to work or school. Domestic engineers, regardless of gender, will probably hate the book and whoever gave it to them.

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