Quirky Books: Seuss-isms for Success by Dr. Seuss

Friday, September 12, 2008

Seuss-isms for Success by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss wrote a book about business. It is unusual, because it is similar to his books. Tom Peters wrote an enthusiastic introduction and review. Mr. Peter's opinion might be over-the-top. He states, "Since business is life, who better to guide and amuse us than Dr. Seuss?" I'm think a lot of people could. Donald Trump is an amusing man and billionaire. Though Dr. Seuss fills, cover-to-cover, with amazing illustrations and amusing poems, this is far from a business textbook or manual.

One poem, entitled "On the Stock Market" reads as, "The storm starts when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping. – Oh say can you say?" This anecdote might be comforting to someone in this profession. However, people are against losing money. It is imaginative; going against basic principles of focusing on the positive benefit, goal or portfolio diversification. Focusing on stocks dropping is an awful approach. Preparing to fail is a bad sign.

Seuss relays a cynic's version of the business world. Providing a few laughs, the insights are provided by the reader. The illustrations are entertaining. Based on Dr. Seuss' popular children books; including "the Cat in the Hat." New characters make an appearance.

Each picture has Dr. Seuss' trademark: lines and vivid colors. The line direction draws attention to the text making each turn of the page offers a solid image. The layout is excellent and typography well placed. The cohesion compared to other illustrated books is off of the charts. A graphic design student may want to study the use of line direction and space.

Though not providing deeper insights to how to run or manage a business; it is a great novelty. I would recommend getting the book, because it is fun. It disturbs me to think it is for children, because it promotes negative ideals about the business world. However, someone older might appreciate the nuances, without becoming corrupt.

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